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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Captain.....we've got POWER !!

UGh, what a chaotic two days......yesterday we woke up to NO POWER. Apparently, a truck and a power station decided to rumble, and lets just say......the TRUCK won!! No power meant no blowdryer or flat-iron, so you can just image what I ended up looking like going to work. It also meant no power to make TEA or to have computer access, which in turn meant no TotD update.....sorry :(

It also meant no way to get gas for my car.....which meant I had to wait until I got across state lines to get gas.....and paid about 20cents more a gallon....NICE (thanks TRUCK ). Yesterday was a clean-up day at work......not alot of orders, so I had a chance to go through my holds and inquires and get my emails out. I also was able to contact some new brides and sort though wedding dates that have already passed, so by the time I got home last night, I was SPENT.....I even went to bed early.

Today is my DH's birthday, but he's at work until 9pm tonight, so we're celebrating tomorrow. I'm off today to get his birthday presents and a card, so WISH ME LUCK !!!

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