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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.24.08

Glorious morning all....technical difficulties are hopefully resolved, so I am back on schedule!!

Today's tea selection is another from my Numi Tea assortment.....
White Nectar Osmanthus Spring

"Numi's organic White Nectar™ features Osmanthus, a rare Chinese flower rich in antioxidants. An ancient Chinese poet wrote that it comes from the moon; a bit of the lingering fragrance, makes all the flowers blossom. Its fruity scent enhances the smooth delicacy of Fair Trade Certified Spring White Tea, the tender bud of the tea plant. This radiant blend forms a harmony of luscious sweetness charmed by apricots. Balanced and light, White Nectar™ nurtures the spirit and mind with its abundant health benefits and divine taste."

A very charming and smooth tea for the morning....the apricots give it a nice sweetness that doesn't overpower.....I may have to buy some more of this one......YUMM!

Don't forget to enjoy a cup (or pot) of tea today !!!!

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nisha (from ravelry) said...

Numi has wonderful customer service. I once bought one of their samplers, and they had duplicated one of the teas, and skipped the one I really wanted to try. I called their toll free number and instead of just sending me to the two or three packs of the one I wanted to try, they sent me a WHOLE BOX. I was so happy.