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Sunday, April 6, 2008

My new passions--Thrift stores, beads and LYS!!

Well, yesterday was such a treat. The weather was pleasant.....at one point the outside temps registered 63 degrees, so what a great day to be out-n-about.

I first made the trip to a local thrift co-op to search for something for my Thift Store partner. I should preface this with the fact that my parents have their OWN storefront in an Antique Mall near Lancaster, PA.......Cackleberry Farms Antique Mall, but it's about an hour away from me. I had originally intended to head there to peruse the booths, however I got a later-than-intended start and was concerned about the reliability of my car, so I ended up calling my dad and asking if they had anything at their house that I could look at (at home shopping.......gotta love that ;). Since everything that they had that my partner was looking for was already up at the shop, he suggested a local store in DE (that just happens to be close to one of the LYS that I frequent), so I headed there first. SCORE! Not only did I find the PERFECT thing for my swap partner (I wish I could post the picture of it here, but I can't -in case she reads this-), but I also found this cute mini-cedar box, which I bought to store my tea odds-n-ends in. Here's a pic...

From there, I made my way to the first of 2 LYS visits for the day.....I was in search of some of the final pieces for both my swap partners. I spend about an hour there.....going through patterns and such.....I only bought 1 skein of yarn (for my swap partner).....I guess I was a bit "yarned-out" from my prior weekend spending spree. They really didn't have anything new. I think I might wait another month or so before I go back, so maybe they'll have something new. On my way out, I did grab three yarns from their FREE TO A GOOD HOME bin. I have NO IDEA what these yarns are, but I figure I could use them for something....

From there, I made some various stops of some gifty-stores, and then headed to the 2nd LYS. I was hoping to find lots of organics and cottons, but not as much as I'd hoped. I did get some pretty fall-color yarns, one of which was on sale from $13.99 a skein to $3.99 a skein (gotta love the CLEARANCE table). Here's my yarn score for the day....

After the yarn score, I walked around the outdoor mall, and found a COOL bead store. I used to make my own jewelry when I was in college, and could easily get hooked on doing that again. I found some cool beads to make stitch markers with. So, I left with info on their classes, so that might be another hobby for me (UGH--don't tell my DH.......). I also stopped at the Pet boutique and bought my princess a new chew toy, so she will love that.....she's so spoiled!

Then it was time for food shopping, first at Trader Joe's for my weekly pick-up (Mac-n-Cheese, French flatbread pizza, organic watermelon spears, and some pomegranate soda) and the local Acme for the rest.....pet food, bagged iceberg lettuce, lunch stuff for DH. Then I came home and vegged for the night.

So much for housekeeping and laundry......oh well, there's always tomorrow (channeling my inner-Scarlett)

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Ourika said...

I was so bummed when I didn't read ravelry for a week or two and came back to discover that I'd missed out on my chance for the thrift store swap!

Oh, and I have one of those boxes. I absolutely love it. They're awesome, and I've had it for more years than I can remember, and it still smells of cedar.