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Thursday, April 3, 2008

No MOVE for you = bummer and upset tummy

Well, we didn't get the house......we're not in a position to buy right now, and with the pets, it's been very difficult to find a rental that will take them. So, it's looking like we'll be staying put for the time being....

I'm feeling a bit blechey tonight, actually it's been for the last several nights......so just trying to take it easy and will get to bed early tonight. I've got an early start at work tomorrow (7:30am) and I want to be well rested, as I've got a TON of work to get through tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot......I bought some really COOL handspun yarn from a fellow Ravelry/Etsy member today, so I'll post a pic of it when it arrives. I'm also expecting a bunch of packages from my various swaps over the next weeks, so there'll be lots of show-n-tell to do!

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hodgepodgespv said...

i'm so sorry about the house...t would have been so nice! well, maybe something better will come along!