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Friday, April 11, 2008

A "STAR" is born, Pink Floyd stash and YOUR comments answered !!

Hello all......the last few days have been a whirlwind.....work is slowing sucking the energy and life from me. I so wish I would get sick again, just so that I would have a few days off to sleep. Honestly, I really think that i've never gotten over my bronchitis, so maybe that's why I'm still run down. Then there is always the saying......"I'll sleep when I'm dead...."

Last night, was opening night of my nephew's school play. He's a budding thespian.....he's been involved in his school plays since grade school, and he's even planning to audition for the local performing arts high school next year. He's so talented....and he has such a passion for it, I am just such a fan of his. Anyway, this year he had one of the lead roles, so he had lines and a solo song, so I just had to be there on opening night. Granted, this is a middle school production, so sound and lighting was NOT Broadway-caliber. While most of the kids didn't project and were hard to hear (and off key), my nephew knocked it OUTTA the park!! His vocal and music teachers have both said that he projects the best.....he was one of two performers that did NOT have to be miked, and his singing voice is just SO good. It was like he had his own FAN CLUB....me, my parents, and my aunt & uncle. His mom and her best friend are going to tonight's performance, and his mom & dad are going Saturday night's finale. I remember, so fondly, performing in my own school plays......oh so long ago, so I am just thrilled that he's getting to experience the same fun.......with almost all of the after-school funding being cut, it's a struggle each year to put these shows on, so I am so thankful that he's getting the opportunity at all. Next week is a HUGE reveal to him (for his birthday......he'll officially be a TEENAGER), and it related to all of this (so I can't say NOW, but will later...)

I finally got my last pending Etsy package yesterday, and BOY was it worth the wait! I received a Pink Floyd-inspired skein of hand-dyed sock yarn......from Crash Into Ewe. It called "Dark Side of the Moon" and is such a FUN colorway.....very bright and cheery.....and SO evokes the album cover. When I was surfing around on Etsy and saw this, I immediately thought of my DH...he is SUCH a PF fan, so I immediately snatched it up. Well, that was in late March, and Terry (the designer and owner) was such a sweetie.....when the package didn't arrive she started trying to track it down. She even took the time to call me at work (and coinsidently the package was delivered WHILE we were on the phone with one another). Here it is.....too cool!

Finally, thanks for all of your recent comments.....they are fun to read! Since a couple of you have asked some questions, I thought I would answer them here......
hodgepodgespv said....."i notice you use dairy in lots of you teas..."
yes, I do tend to use dairy whenever I can. I used to use straight milk, however I recently switched to organic half & half, which I much prefer.

Jenny M said......."I think it's your teacup, but everyday I think that you've got milky tea."
Jenny, you would be RIGHT, most of the time. I can't tell you how many cups of tea I've had to re-brew because I've ruined it with dairy. I find that if's its got any significant about of citrus, I have to drink it without milk. I also tend to drink my morning and evening cups with, and tea throughout the day without.....it just depends on what I'm drinking!

Thanks for your comments, and keep 'em coming! Happy Friday !!!

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