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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.4.08

In honor of the fact that I had an upset tummy tonight, I decided to do a custom-blend of loose tea from Teavana......I have mixed the following:
Moroccan Mint (gunpowder green tea with spearmint)

Tranquil Dream (Night Night) Herbal (chamomile, rosehips, orange blossoms, lemongrass, nana-mint and citrus peels)

The mint is helping my queasy tummy and the chamomile is great for helping me sleep tonight, so in honor of the upcoming weekend......give this tea a try (and sleep in on Saturday morning).

Night all !


suicidekttn said...

I LOVE the moroccan mint. Sounds like a tasty combination!

Hope your tummy feels better!

Angela said...

I love that you're doing a tea of the day! I think this one is a fabulous combo, and I may have to try it out myself.

Julie in Texas said...

Teavana is one of my favorite tea stores. I love going in and seeing what blends they put together. Have tried moroccan mint. I will have to put it on my try list.

Hope you are feeling better.

Jenny M said...

Interesting sounding tea. It's funny; I think I'm the only person who doesn't like/want mint tea when I've got an upset tummy (I'm not a fan of it any time of year, so that might be why I don't want it when I'm squiggy).

Wendelene said...

I've been reading all the tea info on Ravelry and decided I need to learn a LOT more about teas. I'm starting by making a list of all the teas I want to try. I think Tea of the Day is going to add substantially to that list!