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Friday, April 11, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.11.08

Whew......internet problems this morning, so I almost didn't get this posted. I needed a wake-up call this morning, in the form of a stong cup of tea. Today's choice.......Sweet Cranberry Black from Teavana

Ceylon black tea, blackberry leaves and cranberry pieces.....what's NOT to LOVE ?!?! And yes, that is organic half & half too.....

Happy Friday, and enjoy some tea today!!!


Marlyn said...

Sounds delicious. But I could never put half&half in my tea... skim milk for me.

Mangs said...

How do you find fruit teas? I'm not really a fan of fruit teas myself -- they always come out really tart. Do you have any suggestions for fixing this?

JackieJunge said...

Thanks for posting the site. I love tea but am a novice at making and drinking it. I'm never sure which ones to put cream or sugar in.

suicidekttn said...

The more I read, the more I'm really interested in trying tea from that company. I found a store about 40 minutes away, but it's close to the computer store...so I actually might get to go, possibly tomorrow!

Anythings I really have to try?