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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tea of the Day 4.12.08

OMG, it's almost afternoon......sorry this is getting posted so late in the morning. I had a rough night, and slept in.

Today, I awoke to thunderstorms and painful charley-horse's in my left calf and thigh (which is what kept me awake most of the night), so in honor of that, I decided to make myself a strong, cup of custom-blended Chai........I've mixed:

TEAVANA's Masala Chai black tea


TEAVANA's Honeybush Vanilla herbal tea

and what I got was a cinnamon-spicy, creamy black tea with a big PUNCH of vanilla flavor. All I needed to add was a couple of scoops of German rock cane sugar and a splash of organic half & half

YUMMO !!! Enjoy some tea today !!!!


Marlyn said...

mmmmmmmmm.......sounds delicious! I wish we had a Teavana around here.

hodgepodgespv said...

sorry you are not doing well...i know how that hurts! have you worked it out? tell charlie to get out of leg on the horse he came in on! bad humor but hope it made you smile!

tea mix sounds good too!

suicidekttn said...

That sounds amazing!

Deb said...

That sounds really good, but I'd probably drink it minus sweetning and milk. . . .