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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.20.08

Happy Sunday morning, my tea peeps.....it is a glorious day on the east coast....to celebrate the sunny morning, I chose another Numi tea, Morning Rise - Breakfast Blend

"Numi perfects the classic breakfast tea with this organic black tea blend, Morning Rise. Four of the most extraordinary black teas compose this hearty, complex, and exciting morning cup. Ceylon, gardened in the small and exotic country of Sri Lanka, bestows its strong yet smooth profile, while Indian grown Assam imparts a malty and robust depth. Keemun, from China, offers deep burgundy notes that complement the natural floral finish and fruity Muscatel of Darjeeling, cultivated on the mountain peaks of India. This rich, bold black tea blend has an unrivaled smoothness and a magnificent aroma resembling dawn's early warmth. Let the morning greet you through the radiant daybreak of Numi's superior Breakfast Blend."

What a pleasant suprise....this is a really nice tea.....I usually prefer a proper English Breakfast tea, if that's the way I'm heading in the morning, but I love the taste of this organic blend. A spoonful of sugar (a'la Mary Poppins) and a splash of organic Half & Half, and this cup was GONE in a flash......I wish I had another bag so I could have a second cup.....alas, my sampler pack only has one bag per flavor.......DARN....

Enjoy your tea today!!

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suicidekttn said...

Oo! I think I have to try this one too! I loooove breakfast blends!