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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.2.08

Evening all.......it's time to anounce my next tea.......Wednesday's selection will be:

We've been chatting on the Ravelry "Cuppa Tea" boards about white teas, so I decided to select a nice vibrant tea for the 2nd day of the month. I just love me some citrus, and tangerines are just such a crisp and pretty color, that I was just drawn to it. Great with antioxidants !!!

Lemme know what you think......and get out there and try some TEA !!!


goysu said...

I've always wanted to taste a white tea hot. I've only done white tea cold, like the Crystal Light ones. I'm not a big fan of fruit teas though.

hodgepodgespv said...

now that sounds wonderful...i can almost smell it thru the screen! and flavors i love! hmmm...have you ever tried cooking with tea?

Ranveig said...

Sounds wonderful. I've just had a cup of citrus tea myself... Liked your blog!

Jenny M said...

Did you milk your white tea? I've never milked hot, white tea before. I usually only milk white tea when it's cold and being made for bubble tea.

OHHH!!! Summer's almost here!!!! Bubble tea season will be here soon!!!!

Girl Meets Needle said...

That sounds fantastic! Revolution makes great white teas. In fact, I'm currently drinking their White Pear (which is phenomenal).

Enjoy that drink and I love your blog. Just looking at it makes me want to relax! :)

Unraveling Sophia said...

This tea is really good IMO. I first tried it as a smaple (they put out these teeny tiny boxes for amples) and then had to buy a big one! To me, its a really good tea for a sunny day!

Spit Splice said...

White Tea is the ONE tea with which I have no experience...yet!
I wonder how it handles citrus? I know I usually choose away from the citrusy (black) teas.

I love the rainbow. THAT is what I will always remember about the islands...Magical Blessings of Joy...a rainbow every day!

Adrianne said...

Mmm...tangerine white tea. I love the Bigelow kind, although even here in LA I have a hard time finding it. I'm probably just not looking hard enough!

suicidekttn said...

My first thought was...is it really that white? lol I've never thought to put milk in my white tea.

That tea however is amazing!