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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.21.08

Good Monday morning....the beginning of another work week, and since I was up late last night, I needed a strong cup of tea this morning.....so I chose Tazo Awake

"Awake™ is a perfectly balanced, bold and flavorful breakfast tea that satisfies and invigorates. It is a blend of fine varietal teas of northeast India and bright, full-flavored teas from Sri Lanka and Kenya.Ingredients: A blend of select black teas."

Now that I'm awake.......have a great day, and enjoy some tea !!


Casey Jo said...

As a heavy coffee drinker (5 to 6 cups per day) trying to switch back to tea, how does this tea compare to coffee in the get up and go department. I've found I really prefer the taste of a good tea, but unfortunately I have to drink about two cups to every cup of coffee.

Jenny M said...

Casey jo, everything I've read has shown that tea has less caffeine in it than coffee (even black tea).

suicidekttn said...

That is a very good tea. Reminds me of my vacation in NJ!