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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.3.08

Ok, folks.....I was feeling a bit under the weather last night, but here's todays tea choice....Zhena's Gypsy Tea - Brazillian Berry

I am lately into organics, and this tea is a great organic offering.....bright berry flavor, with a hint of peach. YUMMO !!

Enjoy, and try some new tea today !!

P.S. -- I'll have a regular update later tonight.....see ya !!!


hodgepodgespv said...

i love the container and think i might have tried something else by this company flavored with lemon...the container is so lovely that one feels the content has to be as good! rats, we are still trying to be my blood test done so i'm on water until...

have a great day that includes hearing something positive on the new digs!!!

Jenny M said...

That's a lovely container. I see that the tea's got stevia in it, I assume that makes this a sweetened tea? Sounds like a nice tea to keep in the desk at work (no need to have honey on hand!).

suicidekttn said...

I keep seeing this and love the container, but everytime I read it something turns me off...I don't remember what.

Glad you enjoyed it though, maybe I'll break down and try it at some point.

kkfea74 said...

I've had their Lavender Earl Grey, which isn't bad.