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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tea of the Day - 4.6.08

Morning all.....it's Sunday, and while I should be sleeping in here in NJ (as it's a cool rainy morning), I had to get up before the sun because my DH is working overtime today. That being said, I needed a bright cup to wake me up, so today's selection is.........

Zhena's Lemon Jasmine Green tea. Now, I know that some of you will note....."Hula, I thought you weren't a fan of green tea"? Well, that is true, however, I will drink a flavored green tea, which this is. It has some bright flavor, thanks to the organic Australian lemon myrtle. Great for evoking a sunny day (which today is NOT). Even though you may not be a fan of lemon, give this tea a try.....it's a definate SURPRISE !!!

Don't forget to enjoy some tea today!

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Ida Zachariassen Sagberg said...

I love the box! Must be nice to have in your shelf :) I had a period where all I drank was Jasmine tea, but I think I had one too many - It will be awhile until I'll enjoy it properly again, I'm afraid.