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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thank god it's the WEEKEND !!!

WOOT~WOOT.......it's the weekend.......HOOORAY!!

It was a mighty HOT MESS of a week at work. My co-worker lost her father earlier this week, this added on top of losing her sister to cancer earlier this year.....to say that my heart has felt heavy would be an understatement........M is in my thoughts and prayers. So, she's been out, which makes our department down a person....and I cover her desk, so there's been lots of work to do and stay caught up on.

Had my email/phone quality reviews this week, and frankly, my emails were great (a few missed grammatical errors)--but still an EXCELLENT rating. My calls.....not so much. While most had perfect scores, I did have 2 calls that I completely BOMBED with, which really lowered my scores overall. So, I accept it....move on......and improve for next month. That's ALL I can do.

I also scored some major gifts this week.....seems like almost every day a package of some sort was delivered to my desk......which is the fun part of doing online swaps. So what does that mean?? TIME FOR SHOW-N-TELL !!!

I participate (quite often) in the Karma Tea Swap on the Cuppa Tea? board on Ravelry. There, someone offers a random selection of teas from their stash, and then the person who posts below them claims the tea and then offers a selection from their own stash....kinda like a daisy chain. My first package was from Steffanie (on Ravelry):

I received eight bags of STASH Vanilla Nut Creme decaf (which you may remember was my FIRST Tea of the Day selection.....so PROPS to Steffanie for that distinction!!), 5 bags of TWININGS English Breakfast, and 4 more bags of TRADER JOE'S Pomegranate White tea (which I love.....)

My next package arrived on Thursday, this time from Wanda (aka Kalamandah on Ravelry). What a pirate's booty she sent me.....it was like Xmas is April at my desk, when I opened the box !!

Wanda sent me all SORTS of goodies.....8 bags of STORYTIME English Breakfast, single bags of TAZO Awake, TAZO Earl Grey and TAZO Calm, Loose tea samples of Creme Earl Grey, Decaf Mango and Seneca Kyoto Cherry Rose (YUMM> that one will DEFINATELY be a TotD selection--YUP), plus a cool skein of MODA•DEA Lazy Daisy yarn in a color called Wavy Navy. She also threw in three Japanese hard candies, and since I've only spent about 5 seconds reading the book I have on learning Japanese, I have NO IDEA what they're called--but they're good....I've already eaten one ( LOL, they're probably not on my diet, oh but who cares.... )

Lastly, for today's show-offs, I had purchased some hand dyed yarns from a few Etsy storefronts while I was sick last week (and home alone, with my credit card.....BAD combo). So I got one of my purchases on Friday.....this one from Blonde Chicken Boutique. I had been looking for yarn for my Earth Day yarn swap partner, but instead ended up shopping for myself (again.....BAD Hula). I bought this pretty yarn called "Spring is Coming"...it reminded me of all my favorite spring colors, pale blue sky, light green leaves on the trees, daffodils & crocus....anyway here it is:

Isn't is just TOO pretty ?!? I have no idea yet what I'll make (probably a scarf) but I can't wait to work with it. It's my first skein of hand-dyed, so I just feel like a REAL knitter now that I have hand-dyed in my stash. Sounds stupid, I know.......I'm just a YARN•Geek

Today, I am off to finish shopping for my Thrift and Earth Day swap partners, and who knows.....something for me might just fall into my shopping basket while I'm out-and-about.

Toodles !!


kalamandah said...

Yay! I am soooo glad that you enjoyed your goodies! I wanted it to be diverse! The candies are Japanese Assam candies! They are soo good! And I hope you enjoy the loose teas! :)

BTW, I love swaps! I am also participating in the thrift and eart day swaps! :)

happymamaof3 said...

i love the yarn and that Choco Tea sounds fantabulous!

Ida Zachariassen Sagberg said...

Love the yarn!! :)