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Monday, April 7, 2008

Thrift Swap booty and a AWESOME handspun !!

I received TWO packages at work today.....my co-workers are starting to become jealous. So I saved them until I got home, and was totally blown away.

First was the package from my Ravelry Thrift Store swap.....I received a HUGE haul from needles54......thank you so much, Grace !!!

she sent me:
* a wild-pattern sugar bowl
* 2 handmade dishcloths
* 1-skein Eros herwool in a pale pink/pale yello colorway
* 1-skein Peaches & Creme in Fiesta Ombre
* 2-skeins Summer Set yarn (one each of Seaspray Blue and Aubergine)
* 2-skeins Tahki Stacy Charles cotton in a pretty red solid
* set of coasters
* 2 printed post•it notes
* a Pumpkin Spice candle
* Mary Englebreit “Queen of Everything” Lemon Verbena soap
* 4 tins of ADAGIO - Blood Orange tea (LOVE !!!!)
* Sample pack of Two Leaves and a Bud teas:
- organic lemon rooibos
-organic earl grey
-organic assam
-organic orange sencha
-jasmine petal
-white peony blossom
-mountain high chai
-alpine herbal tea

Then, in the OTHER package, was the AWESOME, one of a kind, Handspun yarn that I purchased from Jazzturtle.....it was more than I ever expected.....

this is SUCH a cool yarn.....she's called it "Pop Princess", and it totally reminds me of my mid-eighties High School years......SO TUBULAR !!!!


Grace Yaskovic said...

so glad you enjoyed your package and that yarn is awesome

Ida Zachariassen Sagberg said...

Wow, lucky you! :) Looks like you had a good day ;)