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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a Tropical Heat Wave...a possible new home....April FOOLS !!!

Woke this morning to 60 degree weather......apparently Mother Nature just got back from sabbatical in Hawaii, and decided to bring the weather back to Delaware.......who knew ?!?

Today was my dear dad's birthday......64 years young!! Made me thing of a great Beatles song......

"When I get older, loosin' my hair,
many years from now.......
Will you still be sending me valentines,
birthday greetings, bottle of wine.
If I've been out til' quarter til three
would you lock the door?
Will you still need me? will you still feed me,
when I'm Sixty-Four ?!?"

Nice family dinner with everyone......parent, sis & family, me and DH......ah, family is GOOD !!

This afternoon, my dad, DH and I went back to the house I looked at yesterday.....we caved, and did the application, so we'll see if we get approved. If we do, I'll be shopping a lot less, until we get stablized again. Moving is SO expensive...., although this would be SO worth it. Close to my job (I could start using PT during the week), the vet, the grocery store I shop at, Walgreens, and my family are all within 10 minutes from the new house, which would be MUCH better than the 1/2 hour commute and tolls that I do daily to-and-from NJ. Crossed fingers.........

Didn't get ANY knitting in today.......I just got all of my weekend goodies organized and listed on Ravelry, now they just need to be bagged and labeled. I am setting a goal of getting my summer mitts (fingerless) at least "cast on" before the weekend.

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hodgepodgespv said...

well, moving will make sure you get everything organized as you pack so it will be easy to unpack...and force you to get rid of odd stuff ... whatever that means to you...good luck, i know what it is like when you find a house closer to work and start realizing the savings it intails...good luck!!!