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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hotter than Hades......

That's what my gram always would say when it got to hot out. Gotta love my gram....she was right ON this weekend! UGh......it's only June.....it's not supposed to get this hot THIS early in the summer. This weekend has been brutal.......gosh I wish I was in the Arctic Circle right now, or at least some place that was a little cooler! Other than the errands I ran early Saturday, I spent the ENTIRE weekend in the house.......air conditioning......it's a LOVELY thing!
I spent today updating my Ravelry Stash......I have been so absentee about keeping this up, but I finally got everything cataloged, photographed and added. Here's a picture of EVERYTHING that I had to add today:

I also added pic's of all of the cute stitch markers I've been collecting lately:

I've been contacted this weekend by BOTH of my new swap partners, so I am trying to keep both my Etsy and Amazon wish list up to date. I also signed up for the Four Seasons swaps on Ravelry.....I missed SPRING, but I got in for Summer, Autumn and Winter !! I just love my swaps.....they are SO MUCH fun!!
I *have* to schedule myself some knitting time this week.....it seems like ages since I picked up my needles. Maybe I will finally cast-on my fingerless gloves, so that I can work on them this Saturday for WWKIP day.

Back to work tomorrow.....we lost our senior consultant last week to a promotion to our Marketing department, so we'll be down a person. She was a great ally to me in the department. I'm REALLY gonna miss her, although she's just one floor up. I'll just be keepin' my head low, and dodging those bullets (from my superiors....)

Almost time for bed, so I'll be signin' off for now......

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