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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hotter than Hades.....Part Deux

OMG, I got up this morning to get ready for work, and at 6:30am, it was already 78 degrees. By the time I left @ 8:30 it was 86 degrees. I could barely breathe when I went outside, it was so humid. This is a problem for me, with my health issues---that, and the fact that my car's air conditioner needs repair, does NOT bode well.

Work was steady.....so far the economy has not affected my job, but who's to know what will happen. It's not as if I work for a company the sells a product of "necessity". Let's hope the economy doesn't crash and BURN (like it appears to be doing......)

I picked up some clothes on sale tonight--a couple of tanks, a pair of capri's, two lightweight cardigan's (so that I can wear the tanks to work), and a cute pair of summer lounge pj's. When I got home, I had a lovely package from skeinqueen7 on Ravelry. She sent me a lovely skein of dkKnits Technicolor Dream Toes sock yarn in French Roast. I traded it with her for my Ravelry tee shirt, which I bought and didn't like the cut of. So we both got what we wanted in the end!

We're having some heat relief tonight with some wicked thunderstorms, so I should get this posted before we lose power.


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Polly said...

That is Vegas weather! And we are happy because it hasn't reach 100 yet.

Thanks for posting your profile! /SP Hostess Nic