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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A week of migrane's and mahem......and a few gifts thrown in too!

WOW......thank god this week is over! It was surely one for the record books. I suffered for most of the week with a killer migrane---I ended up out from work for a day and a half......the bright light just did me in. At one point, I had blankets up over the windows to block out the light. But, all is well now.

Thursday at work, it was announced that they had made the job offer for our department's empty spot to a girl in Core C/S......which is great, as she's super nice and I think will be a great fit for the department. I'm no longer the "newbie", so I'm hoping that her arrival will take some the of "attention" off of me, so that I get finally get into my own rythym with things....we shall see. The reason that I mention it is that I think her arrival may "upset the apple cart" with some of the other department members. On the surface, they're fine with it, but it's the undercurrent rumblings that I've been hearing that make me think that there will be some departmental shakeups in the future. All I know is.......head DOWN and focus!!

I did receive two lovely packages this past week. One was from my SP12 swap partner......it wasn't my "official package", as I was told, but just a little howdy from her to kick off my summer. It was a bag of gummy fruit slices candy (my favorites) and a copy of "The Friday Night Knitting Club" which I've been wanting to read. YAY for me !!

I also received a lovely box from my Iced Tea Summer Solstice swap partner--dyelady (also known as Meghan) sent me the most awesome box of goodies: three skeins of Sinfonia cotton (Matizado Azules, Azul Rey and Marino); a pattern book-Accessories Options which is a book of shrugsm scarves and stoles; three kinds of loose tea-Vanilla, Peach and Tropicana (which smells FAB !!); a handcast mug; a summer read-No Nest for the Wicket, which I think is a mystery surrounding the game of Croquet (what Meghan doesn’t know is that I used to spend my summers playing croquet with my grandfather—nobody outside of my family knows that……FREAKY !!); two bright colors of polish for my summer pedicures-Glam and It’s SO U, and finally……two skeins of hand-sheared, hand spun & hand dyed Alpaca…….I almost hyperventilated! It’s so soft--a pretty green-gold shade…..it reminds me of the marsh tide pools in the summer, so I’m naming the color “Summer Tidal Marsh”

I also received a skein & a half of Frog Tree Alpaca yarn from the Karma Yarn thread on Ravelry........I have dyed and gone to heaven.......this stuff is so lucious to the touch......I must MAKE something now!

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