Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Manic Monday #125

Ok, so it’s Tuesday……but I forgot. Here it is now:

What do you do when you are feeling very sad or depressed?
Typically I am a sleeper—when I get to a point, my body just wan’t to shut down, and I just want to sleep to recharge. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t hurt either.

Who was your first crush?
My first REAL crush was when I was in a Freshman in HS, he was a Jr. His name is David Sullivan. I don’t even know if he ever knew how much I liked him. We were in the school musical together, and had a lot of scenes together. The group I used to ride with back and forth to school were friends of his, and and we always ended up hanging around with one another. I wonder what happened to him ???

If given a chance to skip work for a day (without repercussions), how would you spend the entire day?

If it was warmer weather, I’d spend it at the beach, otherwise I would go for a spa day. A massage, a facial, a pedicure......AH, HEAVEN!

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Polly said...

I live without consequences. What would you do if you knew there would be some, but this chance was too good to pass up?