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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mercury, Polka-Dots & Squishy-ness.....OH MY !!!!

I have decided to have an alter-ego......in a superhero personna sorta' way.......so I will now be referred to as:

Sailor Mercury aka Ami (or 水野 亜美 - Mizuno Ami for my friends in Japan). I know I'm too old for this stuff, but I have become obssessed with Sailor Moon, and specifically Ami.....

I spent the holiday weekend alone…….DH ended up having to work all three days I was off. Oh well, so much for spending some quality time with my spouse…..MORE MONEY for yarn shopping!

Saturday, I went and got my bi-weekly pedicure……along with yarn, it’s my few vices……I might look or feel like crap, but DAMMIT, my toes will look GOOD!

Receiving packages is a GOOD thing…..it can make your WORST day, instantly better. It turns a gloomy day into one filled with blue skies and squishy yarn clouds !! This was my fortune over the last several days……

I got home from work (which was hellacious, considering we’d been closed since last Thursday at 5pm), and I had 6 parcels waiting for me to come home and open them. Combine that with the two skeins I received on Saturday, and I received a TON of yarn!! Here’s the goodies:

My first two skeins of STR (bought directly from Blue Moon)

(Titania & Watermelon Tourmaline)

A skein of Zona Blue hand-dyed (from Etsy)

(Island Jewels)

and FOUR skeins of Yarn Pirate

(Sweet Lime, Kalamata, I Want Candy and Icicle)

And then……TODAY, I received another skein of Yarn Pirate

(June Bug)

I have also received some items for my current swap partners, but being the good partner that I am……NO PEEKING (sorry, can’t divulge ANY secrets….)

I also received a package from
toxknits (she’s from Canada) and she sent me a bunch of goodies…..a plethora of tea AND some pretty purple stitch markers!

3 bags Fructis wild cherry tea (from Serbia & Montenegro)
2 bags Stash chocolate hazelnut decaf tea - from her private stash!!
1 single-serving envelope of “Maccha au Lait” mix
2 bags Life Brand lemon ginger tea (lovely for sore throats or general icky feelings)
3 bags Lipton Orange Choc Chip (black)
3 bags Lipton Spiced Chai (black)
1 bag Stash Creme Caramel decaf

So, in SUMMARY……..Packages are a GOOD THINGS, toes MUST be painted, and AMI rocks!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pedicure! Your next box for Summer of Yarn is getting ready!