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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to some normalcy.....

Ah......FINALLY! I'd like to go on record and request a DO-OVER of the last 30days or so. Just saying......

As you probably read, my week this week started out WET......if I don't see lots of water anytime soon, it will still be TOO soon for me. We ended up with minor water damage to DH's car, and our heater has to have the optic sensor replaced and will need a good cleaning. The shed in our backyard lost some of the roof shingles and the yard is a mess. Other than that, I'm glad it's over. The whole mess of dealing with this really stressed me out, both physically and mentally. I was glad that the weekend finally got here.

I spent last night watching the Olympics.....I've been watching Michael Phelps swim his way into history all week, so I decided to celebrate his wins with a lovely Asian meal......a bento box !!

I had tempura lobster, spring rolls, seaweed salad, California roll sushi and crystalline noodles....plus I had some steamed brown rice......it was QUITE yummy !!! And, yes-those are my own personal chopsticks.....I have about 4 pairs, but these are my favorites!!

This morning, I got up early to go to a yard sale that one of my coworkers was having. She and her husband just bought a house, so they were trying to get rid of some stuff. She had this really cute basket, which I just HAD to have......it's a teapot for GOSH SAKES !!

Our bathroom remodel is in a holding pattern. It was supposed to start last week, and then this week. Now, we're waiting on our landlord to decide who has the better price and then when they can start. Ah, the joys of renting.......NOT!!!

So, it's been a while since I've updated with swaps, yarn pr0n and goodies, so without further adieu.....lets bring on the pics:

First, my 2nd package from my Summer of Yarn Love swap partner....isn't it FAB ?!?

The yarn is Shibui sock yarn......here's the closeup

Next, some lovelys from BMFA......these are from various trades and purchases online:
Rocky Horror (STR Lightweight)

Blue Moonstone (STR Lightweight - received in a trade with Sicklipstick on Ravelry)

And Seal Rock (STR Lightweight - purchased from hello-knitty on Ravelry...thanks Kate!)

And now onto the new Yarn Pirate aquisitions:

Malamute (from another trade with Sicklipstick....Jessica and I are like two PEAS IN A POD when it comes to BMFA and Yarn Pirate!!)

Here is the July colorway from the Pirates Booty sock club, it's called Cupcake (mine is courtesy of jfw04 on Ravelry...Thanks Jennifer!!)

The next two I purchased directly from the Yarn Pirate's etsy shop
First up is Permanent Mistake, which is a Bambo/Merino/Nylon blend

The other is a BFL Superwash....the colorway is called Kona (which you KNOW I had to buy!!)

Ok, and the last yarn prOn pick is from Lulu's Yarns on Etsy....it's Panda Sock & the colorway is called Ischia* (*Ischia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples. It is near where my DH's family is from in Italy)

On the horizon......I've got a shipment of STR that is on it's way to me and I'll be starting a *BRAND NEW FEATURE* on the blog......I've been asked to start reviewing teas on my blog, so I'll be starting that this week.....HOW FUN!!!!!


p3knitter said...

Ooo ... John and I had sushi last night too! Not so much tempura, but the sushi and a few beers.

Love all that sock yarn ... awesome!


some of those yarns are....see me green!