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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Daily Meme - The Saturday 9 - 08.16.08

I've now found a daily meme for each day of the week, so hopefully this will help me stay on track with my blogging.....

1. Do you worry about your next birthday? Since I turned 40 this year, I realized just much stress I'd put on my age previously. Now I realize, it's just a number.

2. Have you ever lied about your age in the recent past? No, there's really no reason to.

3. Have you ever lied about your age when you were young? Yes. If yes, why? I can admit it now......I got a fake ID when I was 17 years old, and I used it until I turned 21. I was never caught with it, and in hindsight, I did it more so that I fit in with the "in" crowd. If I ever had a child, I would be furious if they ever got one. Guess that the pot calling the kettle......

4. How much older have you been a person that you were romantically involved? I am a year older than my DH....I was born in April of 1968 and he was born in April 1969.

5. How much younger have you been a person that you were romantically involved? My ex-husband was six years older than me. My family thought that was a good thing, because it would help "reel me in", but in hindsight it just added to the ultimate conflict that broke us up.

6. Have you ever been consider a sibling, rather than parent of your child? Since I don't have children, I can't really answer this.

7. If you have had children, did you factor in age when deciding to have a sibling? Again, not applicable.

8. If you have not had children, are you happy with your choice and/or fate? No, during my first marriage, my ex decided early on that he didn't want kids. By the time that we broke up and I remarried, I discovered that I have serious medical issues that have prevented me from having a successful pregnancy. I've had more than 3 miscarriages, so I am slowly coming to the realization that I won't be a mother.

9. Do your siblings have kids? Yes, two boys. Are you close to them? Very much so......they are my surrogate kids, and I spoil them to death (and then give them back to their parents.....it's so great to be their AUNTIE !!) Their ages? 13 and 3

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it's hard to reconcile no babies if you are really into them. but it can be done and you can still havei a good relationship with our dh...says she who just celibrated her 22 anniversary.