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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Lows (and Highs) of my week......

The Lows:

  • crazy-busy at work this week.....very tired and went to bed uncharacteristicly early many nights
  • oldest nephew went to eye doctor, and now has to wear glasses (he's nearsighted). Not a big deal, but to a 13yr old starting Eighth grade....a BIG deal. Kids can be cruel, so I anticipate that when school starts on Monday, so will the teasing and ridicule....my poor BOY!
  • had a nerve conduction test early Friday morning on both hands and arms (this is related to my thyroid issues, and the numbness and swelling that I experienced earlier this month).....I just love being electricuted early in the morning . That was the most painfull experienced I've ever had. I still have pain in a couple of spots on my hands and forearms. And the kicker is......I'll have to go back and have the same thing done on my feet and ankles.......JOY!!!
  • got three back-to-back phone calls yesterday after 5 o'clock, which I couldn't answer right away (while at work, I can't really answer my cell). When I got in my car after work, I checked my phone and saw that my mom had called. I called her back and said, "Well it must be important, cause you called me three times....." She then told me that my grandmother had fallen yesterday around 2pm and broke her left hip (Sidenote: my grandparents moved back from Rehoboth Beach last December as is was becoming too difficult for my grandfather to take care of my grandmother on his own--she's had several strokes over the past several years, and has about 20% use of her left side. Less than two weeks after they moved into their assisted living facility, my grandfather broke his right hip [four days before Christmas]. My grandmother then went to stay at my parents house, until Easter. Because of the strokes, my grandmother is very bitter and unpleasant to be around, but she's family, so we tolerate it). So, I immediately went to the hospital......and sat with both of them until other family came. As of last night at 10pm, she still had not been moved to a room, and the orthopedic surgeon had still not arrived......GOTTA LOVE THE AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM !!

The Highs (which considerably outweight the lows, in my book!)

  • DH got his quarterly bonus this week....YAHOOY!! One word - New BLUE MOON -STR !! (ok, that's 6 words, but who's countin'........I'm ordering some YARN!!)
  • announcement at work that since we are closing early on Thursday, 8/28 for our company Open House (which I am NOT attending), that the owners decided to give us off on Friday with pay! With the holiday on Monday, 9/1 I now have a 4 and a half day weekend......ROCK ON!!
  • DH agreed that I need a new car, so we're going car shopping over Labor Day weekend.....we're gonna look, and see what kind of a deal we can get (fingers crossed)

Now, I need to get over to update the Daily Memes......I need to do Friday, and now Saturday....

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p3knitter said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Broken hips are never fun ... in fact, that is the type of unit I work on at work - a PT/Skilled unit. And oh yeah ... don't you love how long it takes one doctor to get in to see one patient?

After the week you had ... you totally deserve yarn!