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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My own personal "Waterworld".........

Where are Kevin Cosner and Dennis Hopper when you need them ?!?!

Apparently, they weren't in our township today. DH and I got up early this morning as today was our youngest nephew's 3rd birthday party. About 20 minutes before we left, we started to hear rumblings of thunder and lightning....no red flags.....so off we went. We hit some wicked rain about 4 miles from home, but as we crossed the Delaware Bridge and got into NCC, the skies brightened and the rain stopped. We went to an early lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise (the restaurant chain owned by Jimmy Buffett----yes, I am a closet-Parrothead!!). We got done lunch about 12:40, and as we exited the restaurant, we looked to the east and saw a wicked-large line of BLACK clouds....just about the area of where our house is. Again, no red flags....ok, so it's raining there.

We decided to make a quick stop at Office Depot, and while we were paying for our stuff, the employees were talking about a tornado watch that they had just called for the area. Again, nothing that we were immediately alarmed by.....where we were, there was no rain.....but we did notice some ominous clouds. We made it over to my sister's house for cake and ice-cream with the family and close friends. We were there about an hour, and then made our way over to Best Buy, where I got new earbuds for my iPod and DH got some blank CD-roms. We then made our way home.

As we drove up into our township, I noticed that some of the lower-lying side streets had intermittent flooding. As we got up to the street we normally turn onto, it was flooded. Since the area we live in is a basic U-shape, with three connecting streets, we went up to the next turn, which was clear. As we made our way up to our road, we noticed more of the side streets were flooded.....a couple were really bad (we saw an SUV that was submerged up to the top of it's hood and a car that was completely under water).

We then started to turn onto our street, and I screeched to a stop.......our lane was COMPLETELY flooded......at least 2-1/2 feet by the time we got there. I backed up my car, and parked along the main street. As I did, a black Chevy Avalanch pulled up behind us......it was our next door neighbors' daughters and A's fiancé. The said that it was pretty bad.......my DH's car was partially underwater, and they weren't sure if there was any flood water in our house. We'll panic set in, as Kona and the cats were in the house, so DH's starts down the lane, wading through the flood water. He told me to stay put, and that he would check on things. While he was doing that, our neighbors told us that they had gotten a call from a family friend (who's a state trooper) who had told them to get to the basement as there was a tornado in the area (it must have been around the same time that we were in the store earlier). She said that she spent over an hour in her basement and that the hail was wicked.....about the size of a quarter. I asked how they made it out, and she had crossed a section of her yard that wasn't flooded and went through a neighbor's yard in the next developement over. She then called her sister & they came and got her. My problem was that both our front AND back yards lay on a lower slope that her house, so there was no way to cut through.

My cell-phone rang, and it was my DH.....the house was fine, but his car was flooded on the drivers side. I got sick of just standing there, so I took off my flip flops and rolled up my capris and proceed to WADE down the lane to get to our house. UGH.....it was one of the most disgusting things that I ever had to go through......the water was ICE cold, there was all of this slimey stuff on the water, and by the time I made it to the front of my house, the water was over my knees. I got inside and hugged the dog and tried to get myself cleaned up, since I couldn't run the water. Once I got cleaned up, I went out and took these pics:

It took more than three hours for the flood waters to subside. Our backyard is still flooded, but the front is clear. We found out that the flooding was caused by a failed pump and about half the township was flooded. The good news for us was that DH's car started, and was moved to higher ground. The bad news is that we continue to have storms in the area, so who knows what we will wake up to in the morning.
I realize that this was NOTHING compared to what THOUSANDS of people in New Orleans had to deal with, but my heart goes out to them.......for just the briefest of moments, I stood in their shoes, and it was not fun!!
Needless to say, I am spent.......I promise to post more this week, including some new yarn prOn!

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eeee yucky poo! i could drown! damn good thing i float! well, what else can you do but mop and laugh and mop and laugh!