Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Seven - 08.31.08

Name seven things in your home that you have at least seven of.
My list this week is very "girly":
  1. FlipFlops (I usually buy them in bulk, from Old Navy, at the beginning of the season)
  2. Lip Glosses (my favorite right now is from Prescriptives, it's called Supernova)
  3. Nail Polish (I always take my own when I get my bi-weekly pedicures. I prefer either O•P•I or Essie brands)
  4. Slippers (I've got a range, from terry-cloth flip flop styles to full on bootie slippers
  5. Coffee Mugs (I collect Tinkerbell mugs from Disney.....I currently own about a dozen different designs)
  6. Tank tops (again, I usually buy one in every color, with multiples of black and white)
  7. Purses (I probably have about 15 currently, most of them are summer bags, as I like to change them alot in the summer months)


Anonymous said...

...hummm i definitely have more than seven pairs of flip flops, handbags and lip glosses! but that doesn't mean you can't stop adding to your collection! Hope you're having a great week! :)

-your secret pal


22 days and no picture of new hair...whine whine...where's the promised picture!

p3knitter said...

Wow ... flip flops in bulk! I've never heard of that. But purses ... oh yeah - I totally get that.

Can't wait to see a photo of your new hair!