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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - 08.19.08

Since we are in week two of the Olympics, my 10 Favorite Olympic Atheletes of All Time

  1. Michael Phelps - Come on....how could you not like MP after the week he just finished. I hope he does for swimming what Tiger did for golf.
  2. Dan Jansen - OMG, my heart broke for him in 1988 when his sister died the morning of his speed skating races at the Calgary games, and then he failed again at the 1992 games.....it was truly thrilling to see him finally get his gold medal in 1994.
  3. Kerri Strug - this is a picture of perserverence...when she wrecked her ankle at the Atlanta games, it was pretty much a done deal.....but to vault a second time, and LAND on said ankle -AND- score enough to win the gold medal.......AWESOME !!!! I can still remember Bela Karolyi carrying her onto the medal stand to receive her medal.....PRICELESS MEMORY !!
  4. Eric Heiden - how cool is he....he wins all of the men's speed skating races in Lake Placid, and then turns to cycling.......CROSS OVER !!!
  5. Dara Torres - she just goes to proove that you are never too old to go for your dreams. Her daughter Tessa should be very proud of her mom!
  6. Greg Louganis - SUCH a crush on him, back in the day.......A MAJOR HOTTIE !!! And his diving was PRIMO too!!!!!
  7. Alberto Tomba - TOOOOMMMMMBBBBBA.......nuff said (my DH's Italian, so I have to like Alberto....LOL)
  8. Ian Thorpe - The Thorpedo !!!! Another Hottie.....just gotta love an Australian accent !!
  9. Tara Lipinski - she is the only Olympian that I've actually met. I used to go an skate a the University of Delaware, and I would see her skate her practice sessions. She was super sweet and very talented. She changed coaches in 1996, and moved to Detroit to train. But she'll always be a local girl to me, and I think I screamed the loudest when she won her gold in Nagano.
  10. Hermann Maier - a most AWESOME Alpine skier....it's amazing that he's still competing. He IS the "Hermannator"

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