Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Saturday, August 30, 2008

"We interupt this scheduled program......"

I'm feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, soI don't have much to say. I got my hair cut SHORT yesterday, and it's all streaked now with highlights & lowlights. I'm too blechey right now to take a picture, but I promise to, before the weekend is out.

Today, I stayed in jammies all day.......I did take a shower this afternoon, but then put on clean jammies. Who knew that the first question from Friday's meme would actually happen!!

I decided to skip the Saturday meme this week---it concerns summer vacations (we did not TAKE one) and how we spent the summer holidays (didn't do a thing for ANY of them), so I figured it would be a waste.

Off to bed......


Anonymous said...

o no! i hope you feel better real soon!


ok, so where's the picture! you promised and i am going to whine at you until you produce one!

aint cha glad you got me for a friend? ;-}