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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Does anyone wanna help me pack??

OMG, it's official......I am a PACK RAT!!! We have so much stuff crammed into this little shoe-box-of-a-house.....it's a wonder we can move around at all!! So, besides the yarn destash I'm doing (I've sold some, but will hopefully sell some more), I am trying to PURGE as much as I can. New move, New START!! That's my new MANTRA...... I've been commendeering boxes from work, and today we plan on doing nothing but packing.......well, that is "I" plan on it......DH's gotta go into work this afternoon, as there are some minor chrisis that he needs to fix. So, I • MUST STAY MOTIVATED • .......the bright side is that it just adds to the overtime he'll be getting for the month. We can always use the $$$!!
Work for me has been a major focus change. We had two consultants "leave" the company (not by choice), so that has left me as the "senior" consultant in the department, with the longest tenure. I have never been in a position like this, so at first, I felt like a "fish out of water". I've never been one who's wanted to take on a leadership role. But, when all of this went down, I was approached to take on this "role" and I realized, I needed to do this. I love my job, so I want to do whatever I need to in order to keep things progressing and moving forward. Once we get through the "ammended" holiday season (we're just NOW starting to get busy.....we're about a month off of pase...), then my group kicks into high gear with weddings, starting in January. Wish me luck with my new responsibilities!!!
On a happy note, I was FINALLY able to get all of my yarn updated on my Ravelry stash page. I also received the 2nd package from my Falling Into Ewe swap partner.....she spoiled me with this one..
That's a Mary Englebreit 2009 monthly planner, a pack of cute apple-print napkins & bowls, a sampler of Lake Champlain chocolates, a box of Archer Farms White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies, some Snapple-Honey Of An Apple black tea bags, a pair of Takumi Velvet Bamboo needles (Size 8), two skeins of Classic Elite Waterlily yarn in a colorway called “Abbey Road”, a Lantern Moon ladybug tapemeasure and some mini Tootsie-pops!!
I also recently received my FIRST official Yarn Booty Club monthly shipment from Yarn Pirate. I'm SUCH A FAN of Georgia and her sock yarns. I've been trying to buy up a bunch of her prior colorways, so when I had to chance to sign up for her "Booty Club", I could NOT pass it up!!! Yes, there are other clubs I'd also like to join, but for right now......it's ONLY about the YP yarn!!!
My first club shipment was for a colorway called........Smoke Rings. I also received her exclusive pink circular needles, along with the official sticker and pin for the monthly club......yay, I am official!!!
Finally......I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back last night.......In theory, I should have gotten an extra hour's sleep, but my internal clock woke me up......so I've been wide awake since 5:50 am....YAY me!!
Enjoy your Sunday !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hi hi hi! i hope you like the second installment of the fall yarn swap! i thought the colorway of that yarn was very fall, and yet kind of reminded me of the hawiian sunset on your blog page! the fact that you love the beatles as much as i do just sweetens the deal! love, holly golightly