Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lifetime Stash Expectancy Exceeded

This morning was CRA-ZY! Got a call from my parents, who are on vacation with my teenage nephew at WDW this holiday week. They alerted me to the monorail accident that happened early Sunday morning, as they didn't want me to worry when I heard about it on the news. Two monorails collided with one another, pretty badly. My family is all fine......no where near the accident site when it happened, but still a bit scary, none the less.

As a former WDW castmember, it's scary to hear about any type of accident, but when there's a resulting death, it hits hard. The accident was a freak occurence, but the driver of one of the monorails, a 21 year old from the College Program was killed. Tragic, but so lucky that there were not more injuries. I think time of day (or night, in this case) was not only a contributor to the accident, but also it's saving grace. There were only 5-6 passengers on board the monorail at the time.

Prayers to everyone involved.......

Days turned to weeks.......then weeks into months, but it was finally finished today.....MY FIRST COMPLETED KNITTING PROJECT !!!

I was giddy as a schoolgirl, as I was casting off.......then the horror, that......with all of my efforts, the dang thing was still too large in circumfrence......DANG IT!!!

Will have to frog, at some point.......but can now say.....I HAVE FINISHED A PROJECT!!!
Take that, you naysayers........
And until I do frog it, a new project on the "needles"

Hopefully, this one will fit much better....
I fell under the spell of a rapture called NAMASTE.....their bags are to DIE for....not only for knitting, but for the every day. I happened to catch a sale over the Memorial Day holiday, and scored a Newport style in Hollywood Pink......I was on the fence about a bright PINK bag, but I love it, and use it every day----I have enough room for my knitting and my "everyday life" stuff too.....
I love it so much, I have another, a MALIBU style on order, which I will be picking up from LYS this upcoming weekend. Oh, and the designers sent me a little gift, as I contacted them about a bag question and gushed to them on how much I just LOVE their stuff

So, if Toyoda wants to send me along a Prius as a free gift, I'll be happy to GUSH away.......

As promised, alot of stash-bragging needed, as I've been busy collecting fiber:

Sundara is my new love......I would like to just emass myself in a pile of Sundara (preferably her Aran Silky Merino, which is a 50/50 silk-merino blend......absolute PERFECTION!!)

I've gone a bit overboard this month, so please forgive the obsession!
First the sock:

Year in Color - April 2009......Charcoal over Blue Lagoon

Seasons Collection Sub - WINTER colorways
Cranberry Chutney and Lunar Landing

Seasons Collections sub - SUMMER colorways
Coral Reef and Under the Sea
(Coral Reef is being traded to Liz in my Presto Kniters group)


Plum (traded with Liz from Presto Knitters group)

And then there's the ASM...."Hello, LOVER!!!"

Sitting by Stream Aran Silky Merio

Floating Downstream Aran Silky Merino

and more skeins are coming........like a said.....it's a DRUG!!!
I also received recently, my first skein of yarn from my MEAN GIRLS YARN CLUB

It's called "Aunt Sarah's Pussies", in reference to those evil SIAMESE cats from Disney's Lady & The Tramp......to me, it reminds me of a DERANGED Girl Scout's box of Thin Mint cookies......

Oh, and I scored a skein of Creatively Dyed in a Ravelry trade......I am definately buying another skein (or two) of this yarn at Rhinebeck.....the colors and dye patterns can't even be described, they are so cool.......

Finally, my first POSH yarns.....only taken over a year to FINALLY score some of this awesome yarn. Nice and soft and squooshy.....YUMM!!
The oh, so elusive.....PINK package.......

Three skeins of sock....Esme in Foliage and Roman Holiday and Daisy in Impresario and two skeins of Claudia Lace in Fey
So, now off to bed, and back to the workweek.....I've got knitting night tomorrow, at Presto, and Friday night is the potluck with Wendy Johnson, who'll be in town next weekend at my LYS.....hooray!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!!

Happy 4th of July !!
(photo credit: MichaelDuquetteFowler on Flickr)

America's Birthday......and DH is working all weekend, family is away in Florida, and I am home alone with the critters.......what better to do than knit!!! I am bound and determined to finish my Rhinbeck cowl/hood, so stay tuned for a finished project post!!

In other news, I've been enhancing my stash with some of the following--note, more stash enhancement photos to follow later today, but in the interim, here's a sneek peek:

STR Mediumweight in Count Cluckula (now on vacation.....had to stash up before it was gone.....)

STR Mill End - determined to be Tanzanite.....one of my favorite purple colorways!

Miss Babs Yummy(my first skein of her yarn) in Rainforest.....pretty green loveliness!!
DIC Smooshy in Beach Fog......too pretty for words!!!
Still to come......lots of Sundara & (wait for it)..........POSH !!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nothing new......but the weather

Yes, I know....it's been forever. And it's not even as if I have a good excuse. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle, for not keeping up with my blog.

Nothing new going on here.......sans the fact that our company reinstated our work schedules to the full 40 hours (Yahoo!!) and gave us back the 3 personal days that they took back in February, because of the cutbacks (double-YAHOO!!!). Now, I definately won't be stressing about Rhinebeck! Work is busy and steady, which is what all of us want to hear!

On the knitting front.......still working on both of my cowls.....they are both about 70-75% complete. I ordered some STR MW in Count Cluckula, to make some fingerless gloves to go with my Rhinebeck cowl/hoodie......yes, it's grown so much, I may just finish out the skein of Icelandic and go with the hood look.......we'll see!

I've been going to Presto Knit Nights every Monday for the past few weeks. Awesome to just sit and knit with friends! Tomorrow will be no exception. This past Saturday's WWKIP outing was a bust....between the weather and schedule snaffu, I ended up just staying home and napping, inbetween the storm burst and the thunder. I did get some swatching done, mainly to practice my purl stitch (doing OK with it) and starting to practice with increases and decreases (I'm pretty set with the decreases, but the increases have me befuddled!!!). Definately, more swatching is needed.

I also traded a skein of my Sundara yarn a couple of weeks back, for a beauty---red WOLLMEISE!! I'm a bit behind with pics (I still owe pics of my Namaste bag), so I promise to try to get those done this week!

The one picture I did take, was some crazy SKY pics from Tuesday evening.....we've be having some really kooky weather her in the mid-Atlantic states.....and this was the sky after a torrential downpour.....

It somewhat reminded me of Hawaii (see my blog header picture---which was taken on Maui), just without the cost or the jetlag......

Coming up this week...some yarn arrivals, project updates AND Stitch N' Pitch (this coming Saturday night!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - Family Style!!

Today being Memorial Day, it was a perfect day to relax with my family

My parents hosted my sister and her family, along with me and my DH.

First a glimpse of my mother's pride & joy.....her garden. This is just the backyard.....I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the side and front yards. She definately has the GREEN thumb of the family.

Her koi pond......she lost two of her three large koi over the winter. She's added a new koi and 2 goldfish. It's tough to see, but trust me.......they're in there.

My dad bought this iron koi fish for her, and my mom decided that the natural iron was just to "blah", so she painted it.......it looks SO COOL!!!
Mom's new birdbath

This is a HUGE hanging pot that she bought for $20.00 !!! I need to go and get one for myself.

Poppies.......such PRETTY Poppies!!!
and beautiful FRAGRANT Peonies.....ah, the smell is intoxicating!
Ok, and then it was time to EAT!!

Little man E, the youngest was ready at his own table....."Where's my HOT DOG??"

My Dad at the grill, with my BIL supervising

The kids playing in the yard......big brother C and little man E

Did someone say food???

BIL, my sis and my Momma!

Everyone's got their grub....but don't forget about.......


Mini-Hamburgers made with Vanilla Wafer cookies, mini Pepperment Patties, red & yellow icing and coconut with green food coloring.....they were the cutest things, and the kids LOVED them!!

After dinner, we enjoyed the pleasant weather and relaxed in the backyard.

Little man E (with a light-saber as big as HE is) and his Uncle J (my DH)

The flirt, playin' with my sunglasses......

Poor attempt at a portrait with the kids (this is what happens when you try to take the picture YOURSELF)

Mr. HAMM.......he always knows when the camera is on him!!

"So long everybody.......hope your holiday was GR-EAT!!!"

Yarn PRÖN (image heavy)

First, the STR Mill Ends from The Fold booth at MDS&W

After much research it was determined that I got (from l to r)
Silkie Alina, MW Savannahlite, MW Jade, MW Lettuce Knits and MW MsLaRock

Shalimar Yarns-Zoe Sock-Tamarillo

Maple Creek Farm-Richmond-Limecicle

Blue Ridge Yarns-Bambie-Blue Lagoon

Censtari-DK Weight-OOAK colorway

Spirit Trail Fiberworks-Clotho-Blue Lagoon
The following was aquired from my LYS

Blue Heron Yarns-Silk/Merino-Ocean

Kollage-Corntastic-Fire Opal

Dream in Color-Smooshy-Lipstick Lava

These are from the last of my swaps for the season---I am taking the summer "off" from swaps, so that I can concentrate saving for Rhinebeck

These are from the Indi Yarn swap---my partner was from Italy, so these are all Italian yarns (WOO-HOO!!!)

Velvet Grapes----I am in HEAVEN!!!

Laines du Nord-Stripes-Colorway 9
(a pretty wine/brown combo)

Laines du Nord-Stripes-Colorway 6
(a brown/orange/tan color scheme)
This one arrived in a package from my tea swap--it was a DOUBLE HOT POTATO award!!
Manos del Uruguay-Manos Silk Blend-Magenta
Recent arrivals from yarn clubs & online purchases

Yarn Pirate-Booty Club April 2009-Sweet Pea

Yarn Pirate-Booty Club May 2009-Zephyr
(too much yellow for me, do it's being gifted to another knitter)

Sundara Yarn-Sock (from March 2009 monthly)-Poppy

Sock Pixie -Oceana (not sure of this base yarn, as it was gifted by the dyer)

Sock Pixie-PixieLace-Purple Anemone

Yep, it's official......I am addicted to YARN!!!!