Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And the "HITS" keep on comin'......

I'm sure you've ALL heard it......the US economy is in the toilet, run for the hills !!!!

Well, it's apparently found my house. My company (retail internet sales) has had declining business over the past quarter, so to prevent full-blown layoffs, another plan was put into effect today. Starting Monday.......every employee will be working an ammended schedule-a reduction of 20% of our work hours. Great, lovely......hey, over here--just moved into a new house PEOPLE......I got bills to pay!!! The reduction of hours means that my bi-weekly paychecks will now be thinner by more than $200! YAY

So, no Mexico trip, No Sock Summit, No Woolgirl Sock Club......I gotta cut corners wherever possible. Ooddles of Noodles and I are gonna become BEST BUDS!!!

Is Obama in office yet?? I need this economy-thing to turn around something QUICK!!

Pray for me......

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