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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year = Better than Last

Well 2008 came and went in a hurry....thank goodness. I spent most of last week still home, under Dr's orders....hopped up on Vicodin. Driving myself to the Dr's office on NYE was scary---especially since there was a brief snow squall while I was at the office and I was fearful I would end up in a ditch because of the brief white-out conditions and the high winds. By the time I got home the snow was gone, but the winds stayed all through NYE night. DH and I have kept a NYE tradition of having a feast of Chinese food while watching the Ball Drop from NYC on tv. This year was no exception, other than we did NOT have the usual bottle of wine (since I am still on meds) and DH missed the ball drop as he was doing something on the computer (and the time was mis-set on the computer, so he was off by about 8 minutes).....oh well, we almost followed tradition.

New Years day was lazy......we slept in, stayed in jammies until early afternoon. Since there was really nothing I could do but sit, I started reading 'Twilight', and read six chapters in one day. We had the annual family dinner with my parents and sister's family of Ham & Cabbage. My nephew received an iPod-iTouch for Christmas, and one the the apps he got for it was i-Bowl, which I am now addicted to. I must replace my iPod with an iTouch (if DH is generous.......my birthday is in April.......start saving now!!)

I have dubbed 2009 as the "Year of Better than Last". Here are the things I plan to make better:
  • My relationships (with my husband, my family, my friends.......)
  • My financial stability (bills paid; functional savings, maybe even a new car.......)
  • My home decor (we need new EVERYTHING.....furniture, a new tv, organizational storage, etc.....)


oh yeah.......my knitting.....which right now is in a "hold" pattern. Since I am still "on the mend" with my foot, my knitting stash and supplies remain in the "infinate vortex of totes" which is my craft room. So for now, I am forced to play on Ravelry and find more yarny goodness and projects for my queue. Like that's HARD to do........

Great news on the yarny front--I am joining the Woolgirl 2009 Sock Club !!! Between that and my Yarn Pirate shipments, I should be good with clubs for a while. I also have several Ravelry Swaps going on this quarter....Warm Ewe Up, Winter of Trading Favorites, Love Bites, Random Holiday-Let's Celebrate Spring and Round 2:Fave Things.....lots of shopping for me!!!

I went back to work on January 2nd. As predicted, my area of work is hoppin.......lots of engagements over the holidays means BUSINESS for me.....lots of weddings to plan--people do need their invitations! Hopefully the volume will continue. My foot is getting better...the swelling is almost completely down, I am better able to walk on it (I am still using the cane, for balance purposes), and the bruising is starting to go away (I'll get a current pic this weekend). My Dr. says that I should be able to put my full weight on it by next Friday, Jan 9th. Fingers crossed.

We still have had no considerable snow here in Delaware.....come ON.....can I get some snow here?!? SERIOUSLY ?!?!?!?! I'm not asking for Iowa or Nebraska snows, but 10-12 inches would be AWESOME!!!

Well, off to read more of 'Twilight'.............

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