Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Intentions of color----including STEELERS Black & Gold !!!!

I’m not starting out the new year on a good foot with my blog. My intention at the end of 2008 was to update my blog at least twice a week. Lot of good intentions get you….. I will try to make February better than January.

Lots of updates, so I’ll get to it. First I am now the PROUD owner of WOLLMEISE !!!

The colorway is called FROSCH! I know…….I can’t believe it either. My miss-cues with Wollmeise started last year when I was completely shut OUT of the Woolmeise sock club. My luck with random selection is NOT FAVORABLE. I then kept missing the random updates at TLE. I though I would always be a WV (Wollmeise Virgin). Then, I found the WV thread on Ravelry. The gals over there are especially encouraging……lots of RAK. So much so that a Wollmeise ANGEL happened to cross my path. She sent me a skein of Wollmeise for FREE!!! Can you believe it?!? With my paycuts at work this month, I’ve lost a BIG chunk of money allotted for fun stuff like yarn and such……what a gift to have people GIVE you something without asking for anything in return. Lisa in California……you are truly AWESOME !!!
Another package I received this week was my CUSTOM-MADE knitter’s tools from Karastix on Etsy. I had seen these sets on TurtleGirl’s blog a while back and so wanted a set. I made arrangements prior to our move and was finally able to get them purchased in January. These are AWESOME….and the design is EWENIQUELY me !!!!

She even included some custom stitch markers.....TOO CUTE !!!

I got another TWILIGHT-inspired skein of sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns……this one is called VOLTURI, which is named for the ancient group of European vampires that Dr. Cullen spent time with in the Twilight book series----pictures don’t do it justice……it’s got LOTS of personality!!

Last update I also forgot to post a pic of the pretty Malabrigo that I found……Curacao 5 is the colorway. If I had to pick ONE skein of yarn to represent my personality, this skein would come close:

Some other recent random yarn acquisitions:

Berroco Jasper in Verde Lavras (a very pretty purple/violet/green/lime mixture of colors)
Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Willow (the brightness of the pictures is a bit off, but this is a pretty pale mint green with little bits of chocolate—it reminds me of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream—LOVE IT!!)

While working on packages for my various swaps last week, I realized that I had totally missed updating my monthy Yarn Pirate Booty Club arrivals for the past several months. So without further ADO……the Winter colors from Georgia @ Yarn Pirate:

November 2008 – Herron (Merino/Tencel)

December 2008 – Figgy Pudding (Superwash BFL)

January 2009 – Hope (British BFL DK)

I am currently rooting on the Steelers playing in the Super Bowl tonight. This household resides in STEELERS-COUNTRY…..regardless of the geography. We bleed BLACK & GOLD at our house!! PLUS---Springsteen's doing HALF-TIME.......While I'm glad to be at home (cause I'll see more here on TV), but MAN, do I wish I was in Tampa tonight!!!



Meg said...

oh my gosh - you have some gorgeous colorways!! <3

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the bad week you went through. How awful to have to wait to find out if you still have a job. (been there, done that).

However I must say, you have some gorgeous yarn there. I just love the Curacao... that's a color I would also be tempted by.