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Saturday, February 7, 2009

My own personal "Rollercoaster" week

Funny how you can go from the highest of HIGH (your favorite football team winning their SIXTH Superbowl - STEELERS NATION RULES!!!) to the lowest of lows & back again. This was the way I spent the last week. It was NOT pretty!!!

After Sunday night's celebration, I was raring to have an awesome week at work. With the recent cuts of going to a 4days workweek, I was finally getting into a rhythm with how to handle my workload in four days –vs- five. Plus, Monday night was to be my first night as substitute for bowling. I was anxious to get out of the house and socialize with others!

Monday afternoon came the doom……email was sent company-wide that said (and I paraphrase)….. “January’s sales were down even more than expected. More cutbacks needed and the company was being forced to inflict the PAIN----LAYOFFS. Those affected would be notified by end of the week. Stay positive folks!”

WTF !!!!!!

Needless, massive emotional breakdowns ensued. Everyone was feeling like they’d been b*tch-slapped/pistol whipped/punched in the gut (*insert your best descriptive adjective here*)….it was just UGLY! I was not feeling well to begin with, and with this news, I went to the Ladies and got sick. While my stomach then felt better, my head (and wallet) did not! Why wait until Friday? Why stress everyone out NOW and then make them wait? What was the criteria being used to make the decision?........everyone had SO many questions and nobody wanted to give the answers……BOLLOCKS, I say……complete BOLLOCKS!

So, I left work and proceeded to the bowling ally. Delaware Sports League is an adult co-ed sports league that promotes getting out, meeting new people, getting some exercise and having fun! They offer different sports—Dodgeball, Bowling, Wiffle Ball, Kickball……..fun stuff from when we all were kids!! Several people that I work with encouraged me to join up for Winter Bowling after they had so much fun with the Fall League. I had intended to join a team over the Christmas holidays, but when I had my Christmas Day injury, I thought my bowling dream was in the gutter (HA----I made a funny!!). Two weeks ago, one of the gals I work with asked me to take over her spot, as she and her boyfriend had broken-up and she didn’t want to continue with her team. Since my foot was fully-healed, I said “Sure!”

The three other members of the team (no names, just INITIALS) – S,D & W were all so nice to welcome me onto the team! D is the team captain and she is a hoot! (She also swears like a sailor on leave, especially when she gets excited—it’s very funny to listen to!), S is my co-worker’s ex (he’s very nice……he’s a quiet one) and W is very cool (he’s a very good bowler, so he was very helpful to help me throughout the frames). I had not bowled (unless you count the i-Bowl app from Apple, which I got addicted to over the holidays) for 3-4 years, so I was just praying that I would score at least a -50-. We bowled three games and my scores were 63-67-and a whopping 128 for my final game !!!! I rocked OUT on bowling!!! I even scored a couple of strikes. So, I might be hooked on a new hobby!! Hopefully I can maintain my average this coming Monday. Oh, and I’m gonna sign up for the Spring League too……

The rest of the week at work was a blur---everyone was in a fog…..We got little tidbits of info……. “if you are affected by the layoffs, insurance stays effective until February 28th (not affected, since all of my insurance is through DH’s coverage), factors for layoff were salary, tenure, time missed, disciplinary write ups, productivity, cross-training and experience”……great, thanks for sharing…....can you just GET TO IT and tell us already?!?

I was apprehensive at work on Wednesday (since I have Thursday’s off). Should I start taking personal items home? Should I just say my goodbye’s now? I even started printing out all of my customer compliment emails, just in case. I wondered, as I got into my car on Wednesday night, would I be seeing these people again?

Wednesday night, DH and I had the hard talk……IF this happened, I’d go and sign-up for unemployment, and we’d concentrate on making sure the staples would be covered-----RENT, HEAT & Electric & Food (in that order). Everything else would have to go----phone, cable, internet (NOOOOOO!!!!!), Netflix……nothing but the basics! Harsh reality, but I would have to deal, if it came down to it.

Thursday’s grocery shopping trip was FUN NOT!!!! But I was very proud of my bargaining. I tried to buy stuff that was on sale, stick to a budget of $125, but the bill came to $138.25 (not too much over) BUT I still ended spending $60 less than what I normally spend at the store. SCORE!

Friday morning was full of dread……..DEADLINE day!! I resounded myself that WHATEVER was going to happen; there was nothing I could do to change the outcome. I was just muster-up and move forward! Walking into work, I was met with a world of relief. Layoffs for my department had been announced and enforced the day before, on my day OFF!


My department had 5 cuts—two managers (one of which was the training manager), two Corporate Specialty reps, and from my group—a Wedding Specialty rep (it was sad, since I trained her…..she was really enthusiastic and good with her customers). Everyone had this strange sense of happiness and sadness……happy that those of us that remained HAD a job and sad for those who were no longer there. I still can’t wrap my head around it, but I’m not going to worry. Apparently, they are happy with my job performance and leadership skills, so it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY to keep it up and KEEP THEM HAPPY!!!

So, you can see why I described my week as a rollercoaster…….UP-DOWN-UP !!!

Today, I am taking a respite from all of the drama---My family’s traveling to see my nephew perform in the Delaware All-State Choir performance this afternoon. We’re still waiting to hear if he made the cut from his audition for the Performing Arts High School. They should start making the notifications in the next several weeks. (Fingers-Crossed!!!!)

Sorry there are no pics for this post----nothing really to picture here this week. With all of the work drama, I missed taking pictures of the new snowfall this week……it’s all melted now, since this weekend is supposed to be in the 50’s-60’s!! Does that mean spring is coming???


p3knitter said...

I know how you feel. They've started making cut backs where I work, and even laid off a manager. I'm not too worried that I'll lose my job, but the thought is always there at the back of my brain.

I'm getting more aware of where our money gets spent as well. I do my best to keep to a similar grocery budget as you.

In times likes these ... ugh - it's easy to get bogged down with gloom and doom. Have a great weekend and try to relax - you earned it!

purls said...

awww--it's your friendly holiday swap partner from Ravelry-- your post had me cringing in suspense. I'm so glad you're still employed!! Happy Knitting :)