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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Luck 'O The Irish ??? Eh, not really.....

So thankfully, this week is over.......ugh. I can't complain more about how MUCH not having a car is plucking my LAST nerve.....I just hate having to ask family and friends for help. Luckily over the last two weeks I've mainly been relying on my DH, my parents and a few times, a coworker who has offered me rides home when DH is working and my parents aren't available. I had to resort to getting a taxi one morning this week, and it cost $32 DOLLARS !!!! I almost threw-up.....next time, I'm taking the BUS!!! I don't care if I have to sit at work for two hours before my shift starts.......the bus only costs $1.20 one way!!!

The fundraising efforts for the Australian Red Cross netted a whopping $21k+ Australian dollars....I am so proud to have been a part of this fundraising effort. I have drawn the names for the 5 prizes I offered here on my blog, and the winners were:

Congrats to the winners and thanks to EVERYONE for the generosity!!!

Speaking of generous...I received my St. Patty's Day swap package from my partner, NatashaRhea. She sent an awesome package of Irish fun--stuff that met the Green & Irish theme. As you all have seen from my past yarn pictures, GREEN is one of my favorite colors, so this swap was right up my alley......

She sent me two books, one of knitting basics (stitches and such) and the other--1001 Little Ways to Save the Planet (get it.....going GREEN....LOL!), some yummy Twinings Irish Breakfast tea (which I have loved for years!!!), two fun St. Patrick's themed Velvet Coloring sets, a recipe box with recipies from her own kitchen, some shamrock decorated cupcake baking cups, a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter, a pattern for a shamrock dishcloth, a Tinkerbell Pez dispenser (which is too cute--I don't want to use it cause it's so cute.......), a cute mini Post-it pad which is shaped like a mini-green iPod (funny, because my iPod IS green!), two skeins of yarn.....some Sugar & Cream cotton yarn in HOT GREEN and a skein of Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in PISTACHIO.....the best part was the hand made Camera bag (it could be used for an iPod too.....but my iPod mini is small, but it's the PERFECT size for my camera) she made for me.....the color is SO me, and I just love the button!! Thanks Natasha!!!

Oh, and my mom's car is being repaired!! The girl that hit her had full coverage, so my parents don't have to pay for anything!! She's driving a rental now, so all is good. The damages (so far) are over $6k. Thank god for insurance!!!!

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YarnMouse said...

Wow! You've been having a full life recently. Yay for the good parts and (((hugs))) for the bad. And, yeah, taxi's suck (the money right out of your wallet!).
On a lighter note, woohoo! I won something!!! :) Thanks so much. I haven't been to the PO Box for a bit so I'll try to get by this week to check it. I've actually never personally encountered Malabrigo, so am truely looking forward to it And I'm so glad so much money was raised! I hope it is enough to at least make a dent in what is needed.
Thanks again!!!