Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to blogging, just in time for the 2009 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!!!

Today was the day…..my first-ever FIBER FESTIVAL. I went to bed last night all siked for a great day. I set BOTH of my alarms for 4am, since I wanted to leave by 5:30am.

Woke up (sans alarm) at 5:50am and scrambled to get ready. Was out the door by 6:30am, with a quick stop at the gas station for a fill-up. Once on the road, no real problems……other than the rain. As I drove further into Maryland, the rain subsided, but I then proceeded to get off at the WRONG exit for Towson, MD (how am I supposed to know that there are exits for 695 that go North, East AND West?!? I was supposed to take 695 North----I got off at 695 West. I wasn’t sure where it would take me, so I back tracked it back to 95 South and finally got the right exit. Still got there at 8:20ish.....decent parking spot.

Made my way into the festival....some tent vendors were open already....first purchase was at Blue Ridge Yarns! Then made my way to Barn 3 for the line at The Fold's booth for BMFA!!! Waited in line about 40 minutes made friends in line with some other Ravelry folks.

(This was the Festival Merchandise line....GEESH!!!)

(people who don't know about BMFA and STR must think we're NUTS!!!)

(knitting while waiting for MORE YARN, how novel!!)

(making new Ravelry friends!!)

We finally got in and I went straight to the Mill Ends, and was able to score FIVE that I could not leave behind. Lots of MW Mill Ends, but I also sall HW and Silkie there too. Did find less than half dozen skeins that were marked as RARE GEMS, but none of the colorways screamed BUY ME!! Did get to see the BMFA LSS and Woobu fibers in person......they are definately on my TO BUY list!!

(Wall of STR = HEAVEN !!!)

(and another view......)

(and another........)

(and another........)


(Yes, don't rub your eyes....that IS a Mill End...I think it's SAVANNALITE!!, but who cares--it's MINE now!!!!)
After leaving The Fold's booth, I went to the booth next to them and IMMEDIATELY took a header right to the ground! "Embarrassment, Booth 16" I totally missed the extreme difference in heighth from the paved area to the dirt, and skinned both knees and thought I was ok......only after 2 hours did I realize I wasn't.......I think I broke my foot again! (more on that later….)
I then ran into TurtleGirl in one of the vendor barns…..she was exactly like I expected her to be. Such a sweet girl!! She was wearing her Striped Noro Tomato sweater, which was even more gorgeous in person. We chatted for a few minutes and then went on our merry way.
I continued on, making sure that I checked out all of the vendor barns/halls/tents...there was alot to see. I skipped those vendors that dealt with roving/spinning.....I don't want to even THINK about getting ANOTHER hobby. Best to keep my distance!!
By then, it was time for the Ravelry Meet Up at noon……..it was standing room only!
Then when Jess, Casey and Mary-Heather arrived---it was like ROCK STARS!! Applause and cheers from the crowds, then they handed out Ravelry name buttons, and event buttons with BOB on them!! I even got to talk a bit to Jess, which was awesome!!

I then decided to make my way back to the car to unload my purchases…..that’s when I realized that I had done something REALLY wrong when I fell earlier. I made my way back into the festival, as I wanted to see some of the exhibitions and get something to eat. I stopped by FIRST AID first, but there was really nothing they could do, without taking me for an X-Ray (which they recommended). I promised that I would try to take it easy.
Then I was off to see some of the sheepies lambs & bunnies……I want to live on a FARM!!!
(AWWWE, wook ad tuh wittle buuuneez!!!)
("honey, can I have another pet???........")

(this one was getting ready to be shown in the main ring....too CUTE!!)

I then was going to get something to eat (so that I could take some Advil for my foot pain), and go and see the dog herding demo, but my foot was killing me, so I just grabbed a corn dog and began making my way back to the car. I then realized that I’d LOST my brand-new RAVELRY name button, so I stopped back to the area that the M&G had occurred and Casey was still there, so he gladly gave me a new button! By then, it was almost 2pm, and I was spent....so I sadly came to the conclusion that it was time to leave......(sniff, SNIFF!!)
(was your car there too?? It's like "Where's Waldo??")

By the time I got to the car, I was in so much pain…..which progressively got worse in the car driving the 2 HOURS home. I was going to go straight to the ER on the way home, but my fear was that I’d have it cast-set and wouldn’t be able to drive home. So, we’re going to the ER in the morning, if it’s still bad (or worse)
In all, a wonderful time was had and I’ve got it on the schedule for May 1, 2010!!!


p3knitter said...

If I had known that you were going, I would have gone too!

Looks like it was great fun!!

Donna said...

Darn....I never even thought! Man, that would have been great!

I am going to Rhinebeck, and have hotel space booked, if you are interested---tell J you need a YARN RETREAT!!


poor baby! dh broke and dislocated his ankle and heel a week before dfw fiber fest. i thought i was going to have to miss it (NOT), so i can sympathise with your pain level.

what's the latest update...broken spraned?

glad you had some fun at least and got some great yarn.

turtlegirl76 said...

It was great meeting you! I hope you're ok. It sounds like you really hurt yourself!

Penny said...

Oh no! I hope your foot is okay - I had a stress fracture in my right foot one time, and it hurt like the dickens. I had to wear a very attractive (not) shoe for about six weeks. Of course, this was before I started knitting socks, or I might have enjoyed it a lot more ;)

I'm extremely jealous that you got to go to MDS&W - but I'm going to Yarn School this coming weekend, so I'm living for that!