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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - Family Style!!

Today being Memorial Day, it was a perfect day to relax with my family

My parents hosted my sister and her family, along with me and my DH.

First a glimpse of my mother's pride & joy.....her garden. This is just the backyard.....I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the side and front yards. She definately has the GREEN thumb of the family.

Her koi pond......she lost two of her three large koi over the winter. She's added a new koi and 2 goldfish. It's tough to see, but trust me.......they're in there.

My dad bought this iron koi fish for her, and my mom decided that the natural iron was just to "blah", so she painted it.......it looks SO COOL!!!
Mom's new birdbath

This is a HUGE hanging pot that she bought for $20.00 !!! I need to go and get one for myself.

Poppies.......such PRETTY Poppies!!!
and beautiful FRAGRANT Peonies.....ah, the smell is intoxicating!
Ok, and then it was time to EAT!!

Little man E, the youngest was ready at his own table....."Where's my HOT DOG??"

My Dad at the grill, with my BIL supervising

The kids playing in the yard......big brother C and little man E

Did someone say food???

BIL, my sis and my Momma!

Everyone's got their grub....but don't forget about.......


Mini-Hamburgers made with Vanilla Wafer cookies, mini Pepperment Patties, red & yellow icing and coconut with green food coloring.....they were the cutest things, and the kids LOVED them!!

After dinner, we enjoyed the pleasant weather and relaxed in the backyard.

Little man E (with a light-saber as big as HE is) and his Uncle J (my DH)

The flirt, playin' with my sunglasses......

Poor attempt at a portrait with the kids (this is what happens when you try to take the picture YOURSELF)

Mr. HAMM.......he always knows when the camera is on him!!

"So long everybody.......hope your holiday was GR-EAT!!!"

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ok, my girl, these were great pictures and lines but it is now tie to update up and...anything and everything!