Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Warning: This is what happens when a yarn collector ACTUALLY knits!!!

First things first.....thanks to all for your concern over my foot and knee. Foot was sprained (which they say hurts WORSE than a break), and it healed quite nicely. My knees were badly bruised....more bone bruising, but the good news is that the hits didn't agravate my fractures, so I was EXTREMELY lucky. They are still, slightly sore, but the bruising is gone.

So, earlier this year I joked that here I was, surfing Ravelry, participating in swaps, frequenting my LYS and buying yarn online, and even BLOGGING about yarn, yet I had yet to actully start a project past a row or two. SHAMEFUL, right? How dare I call myself a knitter.....fearful that the FP (fibre police) would come and take away my beautiful stash. So, after MDS&W, a plan was hatched.......
wait for it.........





I've started knitting!!!

Now, the biggest reason that I've avoided starting a project is purl stitches......for some reason, I have had issues with RE-learning this stitch. So, rather than buckle down, I've just been in total avoidance. So, with trepidation, I decided to wade into the shallow end of the pool, and knit something in the "round".....easy because I can just knit---knit---and knit some more. Great, because now my knit stich is pretty darn good!

So, without further ado, my two projects:

Both are cowls (which is probably one of the easiest things to knit). The first is my "Rhinebeck Cowl", which I plan to premiere in October at the festival. I'm knitting it with Blue Moon Fiber Art's ICELANDIC in their "Count Cluckula" colorway. I am knitting it on size 11 20" circs.

The second one, is my "summer" cowl. Now, you all must either be thinking "Man, Delaware must have some CRA-ZEE weather in the summer...." or "this HULA is a NUT!!!". Actually, my desk at work sits directly under a air vent, and since I wear my hair in a ponytail most days in the summer, my next is exposed. I decided to knit my summer version in a cool & comfy cotton/bamboo blend---Kollage's TEMPTATION in "Lime Sorbet" Since it's one of my favorite colors, it's perfect for my summer wardrobe. This one's being done on size 8 20" circs

Both are about 50% complete---not too shabby for 3+ weeks!!

I also have gotten the confidence to start going to Saturday knit-ins at my LYS. These ladies have been most welcoming and I hope to learn alot, just by association!!

Yesterday morning, I got up at the CRACK of dawn to hit OLD NAVY's $1 flip flop sale.......OMG what a mistake that was. I got there at the normal store opening time.....they had decided to open at 8am instead (DUH). By the time I arrived, there were no COLORS to be found.....only Black, White, Brown, Navy and some Gray and Tan. I found what I needed from the sale (plus some of the half-price one's), waited in line for an HOUR and came home with this score:

Some of these will be going back, as I don't think I really NEED 12 pairs.....Most of mine from last year are still in good condition. The bright blue, red floral and black & white zig-zags are DEFINALTY keepers, though!! But I still need to find both Green and Orange flip flops........if you see any......lmk, I'm a size 10/11!!!

With summer arriving soon, I've also been going out more with some of my work friends. When I was younger, I socialized more and would go out to bars & clubs on the weekends, but had gotten out of it. Recently, a bunch of us have started hanging out on Friday nights, and yesterday we started a "new" thing of going to brunch.......YUMMO!! One word......

Love them so much, had one again this morning when DH and I brunched!! I had Lobster Eggs Benedict too.......Brunch is my NEW weekend activity!!

Today has been a lazy day......after brunch I spent a hour at the grocery store, aka CARNAGE in Aisle 12. It was an absolute MOB scene! I got everything I needed for tomorrow's family BBQ-we're doing Corn-on-the-Cob and I'm making my world famous (ok, FAMILY-famous) deviled eggs!! Tonight, since it's just the two of us, I bought shishkebobs to cook on the grill---Double YUMMO!! I also spent some time updating photos of new yarn aquisitions and watchin HULU....my new obsession. I got to watch the pilot episode of Fox's new show, GLEE, and I was hooked!!!

a PHOTO-HEAVY post is forthcoming (to show off the yarn.......)



go to my blog...ref frames!!!! pretty pretty! also check out my friend joanna's stuff!!!


glad your body is recovering! as a yarnoholic myself, i have the same problem (as my dh has been know to comment). i, myself love mimosas!