Rhinebeck 2009 Countdown

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nothing new......but the weather

Yes, I know....it's been forever. And it's not even as if I have a good excuse. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle, for not keeping up with my blog.

Nothing new going on here.......sans the fact that our company reinstated our work schedules to the full 40 hours (Yahoo!!) and gave us back the 3 personal days that they took back in February, because of the cutbacks (double-YAHOO!!!). Now, I definately won't be stressing about Rhinebeck! Work is busy and steady, which is what all of us want to hear!

On the knitting front.......still working on both of my cowls.....they are both about 70-75% complete. I ordered some STR MW in Count Cluckula, to make some fingerless gloves to go with my Rhinebeck cowl/hoodie......yes, it's grown so much, I may just finish out the skein of Icelandic and go with the hood look.......we'll see!

I've been going to Presto Knit Nights every Monday for the past few weeks. Awesome to just sit and knit with friends! Tomorrow will be no exception. This past Saturday's WWKIP outing was a bust....between the weather and schedule snaffu, I ended up just staying home and napping, inbetween the storm burst and the thunder. I did get some swatching done, mainly to practice my purl stitch (doing OK with it) and starting to practice with increases and decreases (I'm pretty set with the decreases, but the increases have me befuddled!!!). Definately, more swatching is needed.

I also traded a skein of my Sundara yarn a couple of weeks back, for a beauty---red WOLLMEISE!! I'm a bit behind with pics (I still owe pics of my Namaste bag), so I promise to try to get those done this week!

The one picture I did take, was some crazy SKY pics from Tuesday evening.....we've be having some really kooky weather her in the mid-Atlantic states.....and this was the sky after a torrential downpour.....

It somewhat reminded me of Hawaii (see my blog header picture---which was taken on Maui), just without the cost or the jetlag......

Coming up this week...some yarn arrivals, project updates AND Stitch N' Pitch (this coming Saturday night!)

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